Monday, December 30, 2013


Words, have been the quintessence of my existence
have been the force behind my actions
have been a voice to my emotions
have turned my life into a living symphony

I loose myself to be found in my words
the semblance of letters patch my soul together
thread by thread, stitch by stitch
underneath the unadorned display of my soul
I find a glimpse of the real me

I sat here in silence glancing through my poems
I let the words swallow me,
consume me, char my spirit
under the layers of perception 
behind the veils of these frail moments
I often find what I truly yearn for

You search out in life
travel distances, solicit the company of strangers 
to ask the truth behind life 
the meaning, the calling
never knowing, never acknowledging 
that the truth lies somewhere within you
and when these words stare at you 
you realize it should always have been this way

there are a million emotions raging
half of which cannot be described by words
still I implore their company
there is a little bit of me in all these words
sometimes jovial, sometimes sinister, 
sometimes frivolous, sometimes melancholic
seasons come and gone
makes the obscure nuances between them starker
the impact on my life, sometimes waxes and wanes 
but they would always allow me into their shell
to seek me from my core

there is a little bit of me in the tenor of each of these words
there is a lot left of me, to describe in words some more