Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An escape from the shackles in my thoughts ...

do you see what i see
the clearness of thought
the unrestricted , open communion of reflection
of how the sluggish rays graze the water
how the petals caress the ripples
how the stream of light outlines the vulnerability of the water
how the sun accentuates the silhouette of the lone tree
how the flowers drape the cool breeze
how the sun rolls over the green facade
flowing with the water, the petals seem uninhibited in motion
As if the water determines their fate
and they drift away obliviously

Something in this place strikes a chord
brings the ebbing inspiration to life
it brings syllables to the surface of my mind
and i begin to weave them into words around this sight
it revives me from my deep slumber that i live in
the haze , that clouds my subconscious , that confines my perception
the haze that i call rationality
but when the mind opens to the richness of thought that is before me
I realize how exquisite life could be

Seems like I've been here before,
the familiarity astounds me
is it a deja vu or a distant memory
or are these flashes of some forgotten areas of my mind
like somebody wakes me up from a deep reverie
and im jolted back to consciousness
and in this conscious state, i feel integrated , i feel at home with this place around me

for now, its not the photos, its not the endless films that would trap this vision
it is the richness of mind , the sagacity of thought
the memory of which i keep in these words
it is my perception that i shall ensnare
and they shall remind me of how beautiful life is
if only i drop the veil of rationality from my sight.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Just me, by myself ...

Hellooozzz lovely people !!

Well I didnt have internet for sometime , so i couldn't study :) and had been studying the whole day .. so i thought hell! y not!.. lets do something I like, some me time ! so here it goes... putting my mind into words...
I dimmed the lights, made some tea... set the mood and started thinking of whats on my mind these days ... what is it that is worth pondering over...

Sitting amidst my sea of words, my comfort zone, the pillar behind my expression
i feel a barge of a million emotions coming through
but how do i put them into paper?
I know the depth behind the words i put on paper
but i sometimes think whether the words understand the strength of my emotion
how do i pick the right tenor to tell you how I feel?

sitting in the shallow darkness of my room
under the dimness of my rustic lamp
the light shines only in the spaces in my mind where i and only i dwell

I glance over on my words, amused
the unscrupulous 'g' , the timid 'i' reflect the light
 I wonder what they're hiding beneath
probably a flurry of my sentiments
to shield them from ever prying eyes
I look deeper into the obscure writing
to decipher , to disentangle the labyrinth of emotion
why i write ? what does it mean?
what does it tell about me ?
how would i describe myself ?

I conceive that ...

i'm a dreamer, i create
i'm human , i feel
i'm adventurous, i survive
i'm a traveller , i behold
i'm a writer, i reflect
i'm a dancer , i breathe
i'm an observer, i perceive
i'm passionate, i desire
i'm humane , i treasure
I'm a sum of all this , and a little bit more...

these moments of introspection, self reflection,
subjugation to the innermost, unbiased contemplation
is when i reveal my true self ...

all i want to be is real,
no pretence,  no hidden armour between Me and me
not a replica, not a conformist
not a hoax , not a mask
but just me, a place where i shall find myself
a place where i shall have all my answers
a place where i shall find peace.