Sunday, May 11, 2014

a call for a new life....

the wind gushes..
rain hits hard on the floor
mind rushes..
leaving no place to explode

grey skies , leafless trees
a hard heart, a pair of rough feet
nothing hampers my speed
i keep going , i keep going

familiar faces keep waning
the streets become secluded
its time its time
its time to head home
its time to leave.

there is a new life
that waits for me
and its calling out to me
i need to leave this hive
to set this part of me free

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My stairway to heaven

And I asked life " what is it that you want from me?"
with furrowed brows, palliated soul and sore feet
I have walked and walked in search of novelties
in search of my silver lining

living my life from one moment to the other
those brief fulfilling moments
this one moment catches my attention
walking in the milieu of happy spirited souls
the melodies humbly letting the atmosphere overpower
I ruminate fondly over the remnants of these moments
I sit dazed at the lessons you so often give,
and i chose to ignore

this memory stays imprinted in my mind
the thought of it evokes a resonating feeling
i stay riveted to the sight
a bunch of balloons cascading in the air
the wind swirls and twirls
even when the wind gushes and rushes
the steadiness in the flow never impedes never recedes..
its as if nothing can upset the motive of these pack of balloons
they rise, they fade, still stay rooted to its anchor ,
standing vibrantly amidst a set of oblivious eyes

my time freezes, my moment comes to the fore
I stay bewitched by these inanimate objects
the steadiness, the stability builds an anchor inside of me
I never want to let go of the feeling
they move together, they stay put together
even on that treacherous road

this is my personal christmas
my life lies in the colours around me
the happy faces, the laughter
the mellifluous melody entwined with the air
letting me soak the magic in this place
and i ponder
life is so precious, its opened a multitude of dimensions infront of me
and i choose and wander on the path closest to me
the path that surprises me, challenges me, keeps me excited about going forward

This is a solemn oath to myself
my anthem i choose to follow
I shall continue to find the beauty in life wherever i go,
because the journey is worth a thousand destinations
that my sore feet would cherish forever
because its my journey
my life, that i made for myself
my silver lining is for me to see how far i've come
my soul , that tells me to keep going
miles to go before I sleep
miles to explore before another journey calls out to me.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

My anchor

I suddenly opened my eyes and saw you
staring at the book you hold
the rays shining the little creases on your forehead
how idyllic is life right now?

I silently watch as you flip that page
averting eyes, flitting mind
ragged breathing, hued concentration
my world feels alive

I drive out on the street
the same sun kissing my skin
that just left your creaseless forehead
filling the dark voids in my memory
with pictures of you, smiling unconsciously

i hold this world of mine close to my heart
in a place that i protect
i make my own truth , i make my own life
when happiness awakens
I choose to shy away from darkness
i live in the ephemeral moment, that is so mine

walking under a grey sky
in a soulless city,
with auburn coloured leaves flying recklessly in the turbulent wind
looking for an anchor
looking for a place where they can rest their runned down souls
looking for perceptions that could see the life left within

I have fluttered for a long time
shifting my anchors through the inner turmoil
manoeuvring my inhibitions, gauging my intuitions
seeking my soul
but its time , time to hold on to the last anchor
till the turbulence subsides
till the perception becomes fixed
and i become riveted to it, for life.