Saturday, October 24, 2015

Waiting for you

This house is vacant again
its laying in wait to hear your footsteps
longing to hear the sound of your giggles
waddling away time to draw the time of your homecoming

Somewhere from the shadows my melancholic person emerges
"hello there, hadn't seen you for a while"
i feel an urge to hold a piece of paper
and write of how you make me smile

The chair next to me still has your impressions
your cup still sits on the table
your eyes haven't left me yet
And i sit reminiscing this morning that I spent with you

They say i'm a loner, they say i solicit my own company
but now that you've come
my soul recognises you as it does me
It know you as an extension of my own person

I know the reason behind the creases under your eyes
I know that night why you sighed
I've seen you lost in thought through the corners of my eye
I've seen you hide so much under that smile
Through all that and more, you've loved me all this while

I know our routine of doing stupid things
just to hear each others laughter echo
I know how we go out for each other
and how we wait to see one another everyday

We live in our own cocoon, the world that we've made for ourselves
where our thoughts stay aloft
we talk, we laugh, we ruminate in each others silences
how we dream, of a life yet to come
and how we cherish the life we have had so far

Now i'm left with half of myself while you ve taken my thoughts away with you
Its hard to watch you go away,
Even if it is for a few days
As it takes a whole side of me
All i'm left with is a long wait
waiting like this house of your footsteps to return...